Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Three Websites

The three websites that I had chosen and felt were the top three best websites of the fifty were hadonejob.com, goldbely.com, and weather.gov. Hadonejob.com was a very funny and simple website. It posted many photos of everyday funny things and had phrases below the pictures. It was a good source of entertainment and very easy to use. I would like to incorporate the simplicity in my website although I want it to look more professional. The second website I chose was goldbely.com, this website caught my attention because you are able to order New York's famous bagels that are extremely delicious. I then began exploring the site and it was as well set up very simply and very well organized. They gave you many options and sizes to order from and had a wide variety of foods from all over the country. I liked the set up of the pictures and would like to take that from this website to incorporate into mine. The third and final website that I viewed was Weather.gov, I have been using this site for many years and I love how it is always accurate. It is well organized and has many links to view the weather in your area. I like how it has the different tabs neatly organized on the top of the page and they are easy to locate. I want to take that aspect of this site to add to mine. I also like there are many other different options to view weather for instance, pictures, radar, charts, maps, and videos.

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