Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Vlog Notes

For this project I wanted to portray myself as a professional as well as a student athlete with high goals and expectations and I believe I accomplished that goal. I got my ideas for questions from various places, one being my friends and professors another being mock interviews as well as professional interviews broadcasted on the web.

My intended audience for this project was my professor as well as possible employers and I also knew my coaches and family would be seeing this interview as well

Having a storyboard helped me out a lot, there were times where I was planning this project and forgot where I left off or what I was missing so I would take out the storyboard and find my place, it helped me stay organized and keep my thoughts clear. Some changes that occurred while using my storyboard were the length of the video. I had to make adjustments and take out some segments of the project like my pictures I had planned on adding in.

For my shot list I wanted to write down pictures that would flow in order. For the introduction I wanted to take pictures of campus and give a good feel of limestone college and I wanted to eventually transition to the wrestling room because that is the location I picked for my interview. I chose the wrestling room because I feel that is like my office, it is one of the main reasons I am here besides an education and I felt it would help give the persona of a student athlete.

The shooting processes was a long processes, I had to go out and get my angles right, the lighting right, and timing right. All very hard things to do when only given an hour of class time and a campus of students constantly running around. I used different angles in the interview scenes for instance I used a medium shot and transitioned into close ups of myself and Dr. Nichols my interviewer.

The editing process was a bigger pain in the but than the shooting process. It was such a head ache because I wanted to make everything perfect and it was hard when I realized I was missing some key footage to make transitions and to blend together takes but I figured out ways around that for example I used one of my takes of a close up of me or Dr. Nichols and would put that in as a transition, like me nodding or him nodding when the other person was talking otherwise you would of noticed a jump in motion of the person.

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